Cornelis van Mierlo

Cornelis Godefridus Marie

Born on 9 July 1934 in Venlo, The Netherlands

from Hubertus Wilhelmus Andries van Mierlo and Anna Maria Josephina van Roy

school teacher in Genooi-Venlo and at the St. Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen

lecturer pedagogy and psychology at the academy for Teachers at the Tongerseweg in Maastricht

masters degree pedagogy (prof. Gielen and prof. Strasser, Calon, Catholic University in Nijmegen)

head of the pedagogisch didactisch bureau of the Department of Education of the Dutch Antilles (based in Curaçao); development of education (Prins, W.U.);

projects language development Bernard van Leer Foundation; Papiamento (benedenwindse eilanden) and English (bovenwinden) as primary languages; design and introduction of a new school type for mavo drop outs as projectonderwijs Ecomomisch Toeristisch Administratief Onderwijs

manager M.O.-course Pedagogy, Curaçao+Aruba: general coordinating role, lectures, exams

advisor education development at the ministry of education and development of the people of Surinam (Venetiaan), based in Paramaribo

development of education (projects to stimulate primary and secondary school education) in the eastern part of Groningen; introduction of the 'realistic arithmetic's' curriculum and professionalizing this curriculum; supervision of final thesis's at the education faculty of the State University of Groningen (RUG)

Consultant Education Biology

February 2004